Sunday, July 10, 2011

A decline in modeling standards?

A decline in modeling standards?

No offence to Ms. Sayle, I am sure she's a great gal, but modelling isn't really her thing. While glancing through Cricinfo's pictures database, I came across a picture of Alastair Cookposing to raise money for a charity. Perfectly honorable! But the picture description reads
"How's that? Alastair Cook poses with model Emma Sayle for a sports calendar to raise funds for the CHASE Ben Hollioake Fund, Chelmsford, Essex, May 10, 2007"

This chick is a model? Hmm, lets ignore the yellow color for now, but what is that pouch around her, you know..? Plus she is holding the bat the wrong way. Anyway, I'm not hating on you, Ms. Sayle. Just suggesting an alternate lifestyle...and career.

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